World Nomads and Adventurers!

Hello, g’day, bonjour, ciao and cheers!

Greetings from just a few of the countries my husband Cliff and I have called “home” the past year. Cliff and I met on an internet dating website about six years ago over a joint passion for travel. We were excited to see the world together! However, after we had been together only a few years and spent “a whole two weeks” in Greece touring the Peloponnese, we realized we would need to make major changes in our lives and find a way to travel more. Two weeks a year was just not enough. There was too much earth and too little time!

We devoured the likes of Vagabonding by Rolf Potts and  The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. After a couple very thoughtful years of planning, inevitably we quit our corporate jobs. Cliff started an on-line accounting business, we sold our home, and after tossing, donating and giving away many things, the balance of our goods are now collecting dust in a 10 x 15 foot storage locker!

Our goal is slow travel. We strive to learn about and understand the people and the culture of every place we visit. While we have lived in over a dozen countries at this point, what is of more importance to appreciate is that we now better understand our world community and have learned that people across the world are more alike than different! Please join us on our current adventure in Bali! Selamat pagi!

Melody & Cliff Highman